She desires to have the same particular friendship that have Sheldon

From inside the “The Viewing Team Burning”, throughout a fight Leonard explains in order to Cent the fresh new unusual sis/sis relationships she and you will Sheldon has which Amy is envious out-of. Cent usually takes Sheldon’s front due to their cousin ideas to own him.

When you look at the “The fresh Matrimonial Metric”, immediately after Sheldon and you will Amy decide to try their friends to select people in the main wedding party, Penny abruptly knows that Amy try their particular companion. She then will get pissed you to Amy don’t selected their unique closest friend since bridesmaids. She bursts toward Amy’s flat phone calls their own a keen idiot when the she cannot choose their unique best friend since the her maid of honor. Amy is extremely delighted when Cent admits that they’re ideal family relations, hugs their own securely and you may phone calls her “Bestie.” Earlier throughout the season, Amy magic if this woman is permitting her relationship with Cent suffer given that she is today living with their own boyfriend.

Amy is actually disturb selecting one thing wilder, so they really day taking and you will she passes away rapidly. Later Penny and you will Bernadette define a few of these nuts points that Amy performed thus she believes she had an enjoyable experience.

Inside “New Reclusive Prospective”, matron out-of honor Penny places Amy an excellent bachelorette cluster one comprised away from an excellent quilting bee once the Amy loves stuff

For the “This new Ribbon Tie Asymmetry”, Cent arranges picking up the fresh family members that’s weighed down because of the Amy’s mother’s comments and you can personality. In the event that relationships is actually postponed as a result of the absence of the brand new groom and bride she explodes when she finds out Sheldon, Amy and you may Leonard “carrying out science” as opposed to engaged and getting married. Sheldon will abide by Penny so the wedding begins. Penny is bursting happily at the marriage out-of their particular a couple best friends getting married.

Inside “The latest Stockholm Syndrome”, Leonard and you will Cent are remaining a secret you to definitely she actually is expecting. When Amy and Penny see the finally top installing, Amy is very happy you to hers must be assist when you look at the and Penny’s needed to be discrete. She does not realize that Cent was pregnant. Together with she’s unhappy you to Cent did not share with their own prior to while the they are besties. During the service Amy encourages all women wanting technology so you’re able to do it now.


Amy is additionally near to Bernadette he is best friends, though notably less personal due to the fact she is that have Cent (of around three, Amy considers Bernadette to be ‘the minimum cool’). This woman is in addition to most head and you will condescending so you can her early on within relationship contacting their unique “needy” and “insecure”. Amy and Bernadette are one another biologists and get doctorates, making them able to converse intellectually. Amy had just after titled Bernadette a great wildebeest, however, quickly contributes “that have locks that smells from berries” immediately following Bernadette’s effect exhibiting one to Amy cares sufficient regarding their particular in order to make an effort to compliment a positive top quality shortly after insulting their own, and that’s very excited getting a wedding during the Bernadette’s relationship. Bernadette, regardless of if she often times seems you to Amy are creepy, opinions their unique enough and also to make up along with her to possess not asking Amy to join their particular bridesmaid top shopping session that have Cent, and come up with Amy their own maid of honor. Bernadette is much more awkward having Amy’s “outside the package” comments, if you find yourself Penny is more always them having been family members which have Sheldon.

For the “This new Speckerman Reappearance”, Amy and you may Bernadette common brand new tales of how they were bullied during their college or university ages, with Bernadette’s associated with a situation of getting their unique outfits taken away by Tammy Bockneck and you may replaced with a keen elf outfit that turned into over to feel too-big getting her, and Amy’s which have which have furry knuckles on account of has Rogaine added in order to their hand solution. They certainly were not surprised after they discovered you to from the three girls, Penny was the only person which kept highschool unscathed, once the she are one doing the fresh new intimidation. Bernadette along with acts as a form of translator, translating Amy’s terms such as “assuage” and “altruism” so you can products that will be much easier one to Cent is see. You will find in most cases in which their particular closeness which have Cent overshadows Bernadette.

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